Healing Through Movement

The Feldenkrais Method® is the most comprehensive package in wellbeing education, addressing your physical, mental and emotional needs. By enabling you to move more freely, with greater ease, flexibility and grace, you begin to bring these elements into your thinking and everyday life.

I offer classes and one-to-one sessions,  focusing on Pain Management, Performance Enhancement, Healthy Ageing and Neurological Conditions.

Pain Management

Don’t let pain get in the way of your life

Performance Enhancement

Centre yourself, think clearly, get into the zone

Healthy Ageing

Rediscover the pleasure of moving with vitality and ease

Neurological Conditions

Manage your condition through new ways of moving and thinking

Healing Through Movement

The Feldenkrais Method® enables you move more freely, with greater ease, flexibility and grace.

I offer classes and one-to-one sessions,  focusing on Pain Management, Performance Enhancement, Healthy Ageing and Neurological Conditions.

Pain Management

Don’t let pain get in the way of your life. Find out more here.

Performance Enhancement

Centre yourself, think clearly, get into the zone. Find out more here.

Healthy Ageing

Rediscover the pleasure of moving with vitality and ease. Find out more here.

Neurological Conditions

Manage your condition through new ways of moving and thinking. Find out more here.

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My story

About Yeu-Meng

As well as being a Guild certified Feldenkrais® practitioner Yeu-Meng is also a classical concert pianist.  Her musical career was threatened by debilitating chronic pain and fibromyalgia caused by hypermobile syndrome (Ehlers Danlos).  The Feldenkrais Method® helped her to manage her condition totally drug free and she has now returned to playing the piano. She is keen to share this knowledge which is empowering, giving people the tools to help themselves and encourage positive change from within.
The work can be experienced in classes as well as in one-to-one sessions.  Yeu-Meng teaches weekly Feldenkrais® classes in London, monthly workshops in South Essex and has private clients in both locations.   Her clientele includes people suffering with chronic pain, anxiety and depression, and people with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and motor neuron disease.  She also works with musicians, actors, dancers and sports people to help them improve their performance.


What people are saying

I am aged 66 and have had Parkinsons for 9 years. I also suffer from scoliosis and osteoporosis. I have been treated with the Feldenkrais Method by Yeu-Meng. It is very gentle and relaxing and after a session I feel taller, more stable and relaxed. It helps with my balance, makes movement easier and gives me a sense of well being.
Marilyn Anderson
Parkinson's client
As a saxophonist with hypermobility syndrome, I have found the Feldenkrais Method an essential life tool to manage the pain associated with the condition. I feel very privileged that I have been able to work with Yeu-Meng. She is an intuitive practitioner and I cannot recommend her enough!
Anna Cooper
I am 71 and I have suffered a lot of lower back and hip pain during walking because of osteoarthritis in my hip. Yeu-Meng has helped me to understand the causes of the pain and thus redesign the way I walk. The pain associated with walking is now much reduced, and sometimes almost absent. In addition, Yeu-Meng has helped me to relieve stiffness in my neck and achieve a more upright posture and mobile spine.
Jane Braham
I am so grateful for Yeu-Meng’s teachings – as a performer, my body and its presence are extremely important. Feldenkrais has taught me to listen and tune into my body in a mindful way. I am very pleased to have discovered this beautifully gentle and powerful practice and I can’t ever see myself being without Feldenkrais! The classes are a total joy and I always leave with a feeling of aliveness and peace.
Josephine Rogers

This video is part of the International Feldenkrais® Federation, Contemporary Images project and gives a first impression of Feldenkrais®.

A film by Mariano Nante and María Zinn

Feldenkrais® FAQ

How does it work?

The Feldenkrais Method® explores new ways of moving and thinking in relation to our habits and gives us options to change them.
Much of what we think and do is learned behaviour. From the moment we are born, our initial years are spent learning skills that help us to function in our environment. These skills become our habitual ways of doing things and as we age, our habits become more ingrained and we may subconsciously develop traits that work against us. This can lead to pain or difficulty in movement, tension and stress.
The brain is, however, adaptable and we are able to learn new skills throughout our lives. In the Feldenkrais Method® we use movement and awareness to help the brain replace damaging habits with more efficient ones. The method works with the nervous system to address issues from the inside out and can form long lasting and permanent change.
Guild certified Feldenkrais® practitioners train for four years to develop the knowledge and skill to be able to guide people to better ways of moving and thinking.

What is involved in a typical session?

A typical session may consist of a one-to-one session, a class or a workshop. One-to-one sessions and classes usually last for an hour. Workshops can be either half a day or a whole day.
In a one-to-one session, also known as a Functional Integration® lesson, we will discuss your situation and through hands on work, explore how you currently move and how you could potentially move more efficiently.
Classes and workshops, also known as Awareness Through Movement® lessons, take place in groups. Participants will be directed verbally to move and sense themselves in non-habitual ways. Movements are performed slowly and gently with a high degree of awareness to aid deep learning.

Should I go for individual lessons or classes?

Individual sessions are tailored to your specific needs and requirements and allow for more in depth work. Classes and workshops are more general and cover a wide range of issues. These can be a good introduction to the work and offer useful strategies for maintenance of work done in individual sessions.

Will I be able to do a Feldenkrais class if I’m not very fit, I’m in pain or I’m elderly?

Yes. The movements are very gentle, and you are encouraged to find ways of moving where you do not trigger pain. The work is process orientated and non-judgmental and you are encouraged to work within your own limitations. Every instruction can be modified to suit your own pace of learning and visualisation is suggested for people who have restricted movement. Research has shown that visualisation of movement can stimulate the same responses in the brain as physical movement.

How are your classes different from other movement modalities like Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi?

The Feldenkrais Method® has similarities with all these modalities in that they are all movement based and work with the whole self. Rather than focusing on perfecting specific positions, static poses or set movements, the Feldenkrais Method® focuses on the ability of the individual to perform directed movements in a manner best suited to themselves. It is done in a non-judgmental and non-correctional manner as the work is process and not goal orientated. Flexibility and strength are achieved through optimising physical and mental organisation as an alternative to conventional stretching and muscle building.

How are your individual sessions different from physiotherapy, physical therapy, osteopathy or chiropractic treatment?

Again, there are similarities between these forms of individual personalised work in that they are all focused on healthy alignment of the body for better functioning. The emphasis for most kinds of these treatments is correctional and focused on the structure of the body. The Feldenkrais Method® approaches the work from the viewpoint of the functioning of the whole body, looking at the causes of problems rather than focusing on treating the symptoms. Patterns of habitual movement and thinking are assessed, and new approaches may be suggested in order for symptoms not to recur. This is why the work is called Functional Integration®.

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