Feldenkrais for Improved Vision, Movement and Balance

In this series of lessons, we will explore connecting and coordinating movement of our eyes to the rest of ourselves – our hands, feet, spine, ribs and head – to improve our vision, movement and balance. Through improving our whole nervous system, we can gain better health and balance in our physical, mental and emotional states, and ‘see’ the world through a bigger and wider lens.

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Moving with Your Whole Self

We tend to think of ourselves as a collection of parts. When our neck, lower back or hip hurts, we look for immediate solutions to that particular problem, usually focussing…

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Under-Standing Your Feet

Stand on your own (two) feet This phrase means to become self reliant or independent if someone says that to us. True enough, our feet support us in nearly all…

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Learning Through Movement

Learning New Skills When we were children, the world was our oyster. We were always learning new things and developing new skills to help us survive in the world that…

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Healing through Movement

The Definition of Movement “Nothing happens until something moves.” - Dr Albert Einstein When we think about movement, we tend to think of physical movement. Our attention gets drawn to…

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What is this F-word

Felden-what? Last week, I introduced myself in a Facebook group. I had to say what I did for a living but I deliberately did not explain what it was. A…

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