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Feldenkrais for Improved Vision, Movement and Balance

More than 50 percent of the cortex, the surface of the brain, is devoted to processing visual information. Understanding how vision works may be a key to understanding how the brain as a whole works.”

David Williams, The William G. Allyn Professor of Medical Optics, University of Rochester

The Use of Our Eyes

Most of us in the Western world are now spending too much time looking at our computer screens and mobile phones, resulting in tired, fatigued eyes. As so much of the brain is involved in the use of the eyes, this could have a big impact on our wellbeing,

Our Eyes Organise Our Movement

What you may not realise is that our eyes are not just for seeing but for also organising movement. Therefore, poor eye health or insufficient understanding of the function of your eyes could result not only in poorer vision, but in more tension around the neck and shoulders, leading to compromised breathing, anxiety and stress.

Eyes for Balance

Another important role our eyes play is in contributing to our sense of balance. You can easily check this out by first standing on one leg with your eyes open and then shutting your eyes. Balancing on one leg with your eyes shut poses a greater challenge than with your eyes open. Therefore, by improving the use of our eyes, we can improve not only our vision, but our movement and balance.

We are an Integrated 2-way System

Fortunately, we are not a collection of separate parts but an integrated 2-way system whereby improving the functioning of one part will improve the functioning of the other parts.

In this series of lessons, we will explore connecting and coordinating the movement of our eyes to the rest of ourselves – our hands, feet, spine, ribs and head – to improve our vision, movement and balance. Through improving our whole nervous system, we can gain better health and balance in our physical, mental and emotional states, and ‘see’ the world through a bigger and wider lens.

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