Healthy Ageing

Problems with movement in old age are sometimes caused by the cumulative effect of moving inefficiently over a long period of time. This can create postural and joint problems which often lead to pain and restriction in movement in later years. Whilst it is not possible to turn the biological clock back, it is possible to learn new ways of moving which are less painful and more efficient. Practising moving and thinking in this way can help people of all ages maintain youthfulness and vitality.

The Feldenkrais Method® helps you to explore ways to keep your body moving in a safe and effective manner, focussed on your everyday activities. No matter what age you are, you may slow down and even seemingly reverse the ageing process by discovering easier and more effortless ways to move. This can preserve your joint health and contribute towards your general strength, flexibility and mobility. Make youthful movement a lifelong habit!

Rediscover the pleasure of moving with vitality and ease

Healthy Ageing

The Feldenkrais® Foundation has done amazing work to promote the Feldenkrais Method® to senior citizens in New York. Why wait until you're 'senior' to experience the benefits of the work?

Bones For Life

Ruthy Alon showing some Feldenkrais® movements at the age of nearly 80. She is now 90 and travelling around the world teaching her own brand of Feldenkrais® – Bones for Life.

Feldenkrais® and Healthy Ageing

David speaks about Feldenkrais, Ageing & Meditation


What people are saying

I feel very fortunate to have been working with Yeu-Meng for about six months. I am a keen hillwalker, aged 71, and have osteoarthritis of the hip. Over recent years, I have suffered a lot of lower back pain, as well as pain in my hip, during and after walking. Also, reduced mobility has made it difficult for me to climb over stiles.  Yeu-Meng has helped me to understand the causes of the pain and thus redesign the way I walk. The pain associated with walking is now much reduced, and sometimes almost absent. This has been of great benefit to me, as I would hate to be deprived my walks on the South Downs. In addition, Yeu-Meng has helped me to relieve stiffness in my neck and achieve a more upright posture and mobile spine. She has a gentle and imaginative approach, is kind and encouraging. I enjoy one-to-one sessions with her and always feel rejuvenated and optimistic afterwards. Her classes are well presented and full of little revelations as she asked us to sense the occurrence of subtle changes in the way our bodies feel and work. Yeu-Meng has also given me ‘tools’ (movements) to enable me to work on making improvements by myself. This is a valuable extension to my sessions with her.
Jane Braham
retired, keen walker
As an adult learner taking up clarinet in my late 50s I was constantly being told that I needed to use more support when playing to improve my sound. This was always presented as being a sort of push from the belly which I did but the sound didn’t improve. When I had a Feldenkrais® session to look at this Yeu-Meng tackled the problem from a different way. She noticed that my in-breath didn’t sound as deep as she had heard in professional wind players, so she had me panting and observed how I did it. I quickly ran out of breath because it was so shallow. When she showed me how to do it as a sort of ‘gorilla ‘pant, with an open throat as in yawning and thinking of the sound ‘awh’ it seemed to open the whole throat area on the in breath and then made it possible blow out from deep in the belly, and my clarinet sound was immediately better. I can access this feeling by practising ‘gorilla panting’ before I start playing. After another session where we worked on releasing my hip to help in alternate breathing in swimming, I didn’t feel the usual twinges as I breathed to the left and was able to breath alternately for the whole session. However, the biggest change I noticed was when I got on my bike. My left leg felt so light as it came up propelled by the down (ie the power stroke) stroke of the right leg. I had never noticed but it must be slightly resisting moving up thus meaning that I am having to put extra effort into pedalling with the right leg. So, thanks for all the good work!
Jan Barker
musician, keen swimmer and cyclist, potter
I have been having regular lessons with Yeu-Meng since January 2017 as I heard that Feldenkrais® could help me. I suffer with stiffness all over which results in general immobility, pain and slight depression from losing the ability to do some of the things I used to do I have found the work fascinating as it uses movement awareness to reprogramme the brain.I am now replacing unhelpful habits of thought and movement developed over the years with better functioning ones. As a result, I am now moving better, I have more energy, and I am starting to learn how to change from within, thus making the changes more permanent.
Peter Beales
Reitred accountant

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Research Study

Alternative Movement Program in Geriatric Rehabilitation
Carol A. Montgomery; Cynthia M. Allen; Shereen D. Farber,
PhD; Mark O. Farber