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There is a gradual shift in the science and medical world towards targeting the brain directly to resolve health issues and wean people away from dependency on pharmaceuticals. Recent research has also shown movement and meditation to be essential to healthy living.

The Feldenkrais Method® is a very powerful technique that combines these key elements of Western science and Eastern philosophies to change the state of our brain so that we are able to not only manage our pain or anxiety levels but also improve our performances in sports, music or drama.

Body Mindfulness Through The Feldenkrais Method®

Small movements – big gains!

Feldenkrais-Essex Studio, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex

Sunday 28th July, 29th September, 20th October, 24th November

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PRICE: £40 per workshop (please book in advance)

Moving with Your Whole Self

We tend to think of ourselves as a collection of parts. When our neck, lower back or hip hurts, we look for immediate solutions to that particular problem, usually focussing on only that area.

This reductionistic outlook, favoured by conventional medicine is now being questioned. Research is showing that concentrating on such a small part of ourselves, rather than looking at the global picture, can only produce a temporary fix. It is like putting a sticking plaster on a hole in the ceiling to stop the water leak from coming through. It does not address how that leak started in the first place.

Discover the joy of moving with your whole self in this workshop. You may be surprised at how well you feel at the end of it!

Feldenkrais-Essex Studio, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex

Sunday 28th July


PRICE: £40 per workshop (please book in advance)

Feldenkrais Presentation and Book Launch

As part of the National Library Project, the Feldenkrais Guild UK are donating 7 key books on the Feldenkrais Method to Southend Library. There will be a presentation where key aspects of the work are introduced and explained about how it can benefit people both physically and mentally. Speakers from various health backgrounds will also be talking about their profound and life changing experiences from the work.

There will be an opportunity to experience a short Awareness Through Movement lesson in sitting, and plenty of time is allocated at the end of the session for questions and answers.

Spaces are limited and are allocated on a first come first serve basis. Entrance is free but please support the cafe by purchasing a drink and/or cake at the reception.

Anke’s, 481 London Road, Westcliff on Sea, SS0 9LG

Saturday 20th July 2019



Playing with Ease: Explore Your Potential

This course, based on the Feldenkrais Method®, is specifically designed for instrumentalists and singers of all levels. It aims to enhance your enjoyment in playing or singing, both physically and musically, increase your effectiveness in practising and reduce tension in your playing which could contribute to pain and/or anxiety issues.

Through a series of mindful and gentle movement sequences, you will explore your posture and movement habits and develop pathways to easier, more pleasurable, fully integrated action. These exploratory and playful movement sequences will be experienced in  a non judgmental class situation through verbal instruction by the tutors who are qualified practitioners. 

Benefits can include a feeling of lightness in movement, improved breathing and better awareness of how to use the body. There will be opportunities to experience this freedom in your playing or singing as your music making becomes more efficient, effortless and enjoyable.

Experienced performers, teachers, and Guild certified Feldenkrais Practitioners, Josephine Horder (cello) and Yeu-Meng Chan (piano) are dedicated to improving all aspects of music making and performance.

Benslow Music, Benslow Lane, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG4 8RB

8th – 10th June 2020

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