Pain Management

When pain becomes a regular part of your life, everything around you begins to suffer – your work, your relationships, your whole life experience. You may have tried different sorts of therapy and medication, only to find that nothing seems to work effectively.

Science shows that pain is a result of complex activity in the nervous system, especially the brain. To put it simply, when receptors in the pain system are repeatedly activated, they become more sensitive, triggering pain more easily and therefore causing pain to spread to more places in the body.

The Feldenkrais Method® can help you manage your pain by teaching you new ways of moving that are less painful. It also improves your overall body awareness and provides you with a variety of tools and strategies to help you manage your condition.

Don’t let pain get in the way of life

Feldenkrais for pain

Professor Milton Cohen, Specialist Pain Physician and Rheumatologist, and Conjoint Professor, UNSW, discusses Feldenkrais® and pain.
Prof. Milton Cohen

Feldenkrais for hypermobility and chronic pain.

How Feldenkrais Method® has helped me with managing pain.

Feldenkrais and hip pain

How experience with Awareness Through Movement® classes have help me with hip pain.


What people are saying

The workshop was great, Yeu-Meng introduced the benefits of Feldenkrais® well and we got straight on to the physical practice. The exercises helped heal my damaged shoulder and were lovely to do. I felt completely refreshed when we had finished.
Kerry Doyland
yoga Instructor
Thanks so much for your wonderful workshop yesterday. I woke up the next day feeling the easiest in a long time and rather refreshed when I left you.
Linda Aryaeenia
“I’m never in pain during Feldenkrais, so it’s an hour of natural pain relief from my sciatica. It’s also meditative for me to focus on the variations, and so my mind drifts away from my pain as well - which is also very healing.”
Victoria Catton
MEDIA consultant
Feldenkrais® therapy takes a refreshingly different holistic approach to body work. Yeu-Meng is a therapist with exceptional intuitive ability. Small of stature she hovers around one’s body during the incredibly relaxing treatment like a butterfly tweaking the fascia & joints gently here and there as she pursues her aim to enhance the nervous system and lead the body back into balance and healing mode. I find her treatment very relaxing and soothing and her advice regarding specific exercises well thought through and effective.
Silke Ukena
GOsC Registered Osteopath
As a saxophonist with hypermobility syndrome, I have found the Feldenkrais Method® an essential life tool to manage the pain associated with the condition. Prior to trying the Feldenkrais Method®, I had experimented with many other forms of treatment, but found they only had short term benefits. However, the Feldenkrais Method® encourages a different way of functioning, which replaces unhelpful habitual movement. On top of this you learn movements to ease specific symptoms when they flare up. As a result, over time, your pain reduces. I feel very privileged that I have been able to work with Yeu-Meng. She is an intuitive practitioner and I cannot recommend her enough!
Anna Cooper

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